Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Allowing for the full expression of your creativity without undermining your peace of mind (overextending yourself financially)......again and again.  To us, much of the allure of St. Vinnies and Goodwill is the flexiblily it allows you.  Our home is in constant flux.  As anyone that visits would attest the only constants are quality and change. As these pictures show, we completed a full transition from a heavily patterned antique style to mid-century modern affordably and in a very short time.

We were very content with our earlier style, then we brought home our $24.50 Hans Wegner dining table and that changed everything.  We fell in love with mid-centruy design, not just the clean lines and quality materials but also the personalities behind the pieces.  All of a sudden we could put a face to the furniture and follow the creative process of one of modern times most dynamic movements.
                                                       This is the table that started it all....19th century Italian ornate meets 1950 Danish.
The Hans Wegner is now our desk and a stainless and glass  Brueton table has replaced it in the dining room.  As we said constant flux!

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