Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great vintage Dexter Gordon jazz poster circa 1942.  Just found recently at St. Vinnie's for $9.50.  Wonderful 3' x5' addition to our mid-century furnishings.

Fabulous new bar or etagere from St. Vinnie's for $24.50.  The price was so good we bought three.  Not quite sure what we will do with the other two, maybe use in our studio area.  Very stable chrome shelving with heavy glass shelves.  Measures 40" H x 49"L x 30"D.  A nice airy addition!

These two classic steel urns were found a couple years ago at Children's Hospital thrift store for $80.00 each.  That may sound a bit pricey, but they would easily cost triple that.  They are outside all year round and will never wear out.  

Modern Art by the Pound....Navy City Metals.  Stuff like this isn't there a lot but it's worth checking out once in a while.  Scrap metal yards are a great resource for garden accessories. 


  1. Love Love Love!!!!!
    Heading to Vinney's tomorrow. Thanks for all the inspiration!......and for giving us an amazing start!