Thursday, August 30, 2012

It is our nature to decorate.  We furnish, for lack of a better term, pathologically.   We love minimal, lots of it.  A piece of furniture that combines good design with quality workmanship and materials always has value.  With all that being true, we obviously need affordable places to shop and a whole lot of space to furnish.  Goodwill, St Vinnie's, Children's thrift etc. provide the affordable shopping and our family and friends provide the spaces to furnish.

This post is going to focus on Heather's sister Heidi's house.  Heidi has a fantastic domestic touch; a fabulous cook, she creates a beautiful table and as a decorator she confidently uses color to create a home that pops but also soothes and invites you to stay a little longer than you were going to.

The table above is a fabulous shabby chic style piece we found at St. Vinnies for $24.50.  It is solid plank with a leaf and just the right patina.  We used it and loved it for awhile, but Heidi's coveting eventually made it hers.  I understand the don't covet the wife part, but there is nothing wrong with coveting thy neighbor's furniture.  The chairs were Goodwill.  I believe the chandelier was purchased from a  friend.  The hutch was pink...years ago...scavenged from another friend that was purging.  We provided much of the raw material for this scene but Heidi makes it all work.

This picture of comfort is Heidi's living room.  The couch is down filled Henredon; $25.00 from St. Vinnies.  The chairs are down filled from Frederick and Nelson.  They were plucked off a good friend's truck on the way to the dump.  The husband didn't like how down squished down when he sat on it.  The very unique vintage table is St. Vinnies and the rug, also St Vinnies, once belonged to the author of Captain Underpants.  The chairs and couch are slipcovered in white duck cloth from a huge bolt we found at St. Vinnies for about $45.00.  I am not sure about these, but virtually all of our down pillows are Goodwill finds that we re-cover.

These two fantastic leather chairs are from Bradington Young a North Carolina company, we found them at St. Vinnies still in the plastic for $100.00 each.  They retail for $1600.00 each.  They are a great argument for seeking the furniture company you have never heard of.  The great glass top table, also St Vinnies.

Heidi's breezeway has been home to more lazy afternoons and raucous dinner parties than I can count.  All the fantastic furniture is St Vinnies and Goodwill.  She added a coat of paint and some fabric and made it her own.

The painting is by Heather.  The chair is Old Hickory Chair  Company from North Carolina.  We picked it up at St. Vinnies for $10.00  In a later post I will emphasize the wisdom of buying American made furniture.

Art is a foundation requirement for any great home.  This is another painting by Heather.  The wine was actually purchased new, but most of the accoutrements are Goodwill finds.

The chandelier was purchased at a thrift store near Point Defiance and the great little chair was St. Vinnies.

Heidi has such great style and an ability to tie things together it is a pleasure to provide her with some of the raw materials.  Also her passion for entertaining allows so many to enjoy the home she has created.


  1. I love this posting! It's so HEIDI. She is talented in all of the ways you mentioned, plus she has a genius for FRIENDSHIP and openness, warmth and LOVE. Heidi is a gem, and her house reflects the brilliant facets of her character. Thank you for shining light on one of my favorite people in the world! I love her style - and yours.

  2. Great pictures of Henredon furniture. Thanks for sharing.