Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In keeping with the theme of women in my life I should mention Heather, my wife.  After coming to the T&C coffee shop, for awhile, and getting to know me fairly well a customer heard me mention my wife, he remarked with surprise, "You're married?! Wow I just assumed you must be single." I think the next sentence was going to be something like,  "who in their right..." but he had the grace to just let it sit awkwardly.

Well, thankfully, I am married and in this post I will cover a few of the facets of my very talented wife. The pictures above, certainly, capture her in her happy spot.  Her paints in the garden, with a full day ahead of her is about as good as it gets.

When I think back to all the things I have gotten for $10.00, chairs, tables, paintings etc etc...nothing has proven to be more valuable than a certain psychic reading from Eugenia, The Mystic Rose. At the time Heather was certain her secretary job at a construction company encompassed all her talents and her future.  While waiting to pick her up one day I happened upon, The Mystic Rose, Psychic Readings $10.00.  I hardly had $10.00, which, of course, meant I had better get a reading.  Eugenia was in full gypsy mode in a little tiny room with a great big dog. The dog was a great dane that immediately affected the allergies that I did not know I had.  My reading went well, she said, I should/would write and best of all she did not mention any approaching calamities that would suddenly befall me.  Being calamity free I felt it was safe to bring Heather in.  So the next day we went in together; where my reading was circuitous and often vague Heather's was direct and crystal clear.  "Why aren't you painting?  I see color all around you.  You are supposed to paint!"  Coincidently we had just picked up a box of oil paints at a garage sale, because we liked the box.  Below is a sampling of Heather's work.

Walt Whitman has been her greatest muse.
                                                Most recently she has been on a bird kick.            

                                                                     From Idoodle app


 Heather, of course, co-authored and created the cover for our booklet, Remember I Can't Remember.

                                      She is most at home right here, surrounded by friends.

But spends most of her time here.
And here.

I could go on for much longer than I have time to, but suffice it so say I am very grateful for my lovely wife.