Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remember I Can't Remember


 Though this seemingly has nothing to do with Shoestring Abundance we realized that the dementia/ Alzheimer's discussion belongs in the middle of our life, existing simultaneously with those things that give us the most joy.

We were successful in our experience with Grandma, because we were able to meld her life and her care into the fabric of our own.  Our friends and family embraced her, loved her and learned from her.  They treated her graciously in our home and accommodated her needs in theirs.  The phrase, "It takes a village" is so over used I hate to say it, instead I will say it takes a whole lot of loving and committed folks to make your experience a positive one.

Our goal for our book is to give everyone who reads it enough insight into dementia/Alzheimer's that they can be a part, even a tiny part, of that loving and committed group of people that make good care possible.

We will be posting quotes from our booklet occasionally.  "When a person loses their memory and their ability to perceive context, they have lost their ability to be their own advocate.  So this person, who no longer recognizes you as their child, does not know your name and cannot remember that you visited yesterday, needs you now, more than ever."

Our book is $8.95  available at Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo, www.libertybaybooks.com as well as Amazon and kindle $2.99

www.remembericantremember.com and our blog is www.remembericantremember.blogspot.  

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