Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lila, the mother of Shoestring Abundance, well, half of it, is a thrift shopper from way back and a master of getting a dime out of a nickel.  She has also been a lover of mid-century modern design all the way back to when it was just modern and within that vein she has a particular fondness for the Scandinavian influence; being first generation American with a Norwegian father that may just be genetics.  Whatever the case she has cultivated a style that is distinctly her own.  In 2000 Lila and Gary bought a great little house on high bank waterfront in Hansville, besides being a great place for the whole family to gather it has been a perfect palette for shoestring design.  A trademark of her style is splashes of bright color set against a stark background or the play of black against white.  Like modernism, Lila has loved chartreuse since it went around the first time.

Her collection of vases and Bauer bowls, all thrift shop finds, are the perfect accent to her black and white palette.  Complimenting Lila's love of color is a strong presence of natural wood.  The beauty of the wood is usually achieved by, Heather's father, Gary's painstaking attention to detail in the refinishing of her vintage finds. Clearly visible in the very vintage Heywood Wakefield dining chairs above and the dresser below.  I will rub some teak oil on a new find and call it good, Gary, sands and oils and sands and oils............long after I've lost interest.  This picture succinctly sums up Lila and Gary's style and our shoestring connection.  The dresser below is one of my all time favorites. We found it at St. Vinnies for $24.50.  It is made out of oak plank with dovetailed drawers and no nails.  We thought it was beautiful as we found it, but Gary worked it into a piece of art.  The Painting is a Goodwill find that expresses Lila's palette beautifully and her forever favorite flower chartreuse zinnias.  One of those great pieces of art we have found with no signature.

 A great friend of our's and a highly skilled one (same person) built this fantastic bookshelf that contributes so much to the space.  Also helps to have an artist in the family.

All of the furnishings here are thrift store finds or as is the case with the cream chair and a matching couch, Little Nickel.  Heather revealed her love of furniture early by buying this pair before finishing high school.  Shockingly, the matching loveseat came with this house 27 years later.  The black recliner is a Milo Baughman design for Thayer Coggin (mid 50's) found at St. Vinnies.


At 17 and 15 how did Heather and I know that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together?  Star alignment? Shared passions? Compatibility?  No.  Both of our mother's had a very large Lee Reynolds prominently featured in our homes.  Mine was bought at a Grantree for $100.00.  We rolled all the windows down in the Dodge Dart and slipped it in over our heads.  Lila's was bought at Arnold's Furniture in Bremerton 1968 also for $100.00.  She eventually ended up with both paintings.

We all seem to have a thing for chairs; here Lila takes their decorative aspect to another level.  Now is not the season, but we will revisit this wonderful home in the spring because no visit is complete without a tour of their beautiful garden.