Thursday, January 23, 2014

                                                            A Valentine....

At our core, we are hunters and gatherers.  It is in our DNA.  Combine that with a dash of belief, "He who seeks finds,"and a little bit of time on our hands and you have the recipe for constant change.  In marriage I am an eternally grateful monogamist.  I am perfectly happy to be at the midpoint of forever,
as far back as I can see and as far ahead as I can see we are together, but with furniture......for lack of a better term....I am a slut.  I love new to me, I love the mystery of their past, I love to rescue, I love their beauty and when I take them home they will be mine always. And I have a real thing for the Europeans. I am a bit of a leg man and for the most part, the Europeans have the best legs.
The French have a flirty seductiveness that always piques my interest, the Danes have great form; they are sturdy, but so graceful they make your heart ache.  The Italians are sexy, sleek and demand to be touched.  Which is not to say, I don't love our home grown product.  Americans, at their best, combine originality with purpose.  With all of these I have sworn my love equally.

But change is constant and even though we love them all, and like all fickle lovers I call my mother and tell her, "Now I have found the one!" there is no safety.  We hunt for and gather furniture and art constantly.  We love the hunt and we love to be in love.  We look for strong individual pieces; pieces that can stand on their own with beautiful lines, warm woods and enticing fabrics.  We search for a chair with a strong solitary presence that is beautiful alone, without producing a hint of loneliness, in an empty room.  A piece of art that can own a whole wall, a table that is elegant and pure against the starkness of an expanse.  And then we cram them all together.  We love the principles of minimalism, monogamy and zen we just can't live by them.

In my/our defense, I must say, we don't love and leave.  Almost, as much fun as finding our true love is the joy of finding love for another.  We are tireless matchmakers.  If a prize is not right for us, undoubtedly, we know someone for whom it is perfect.   The phone call goes something like this, "I have the perfect...." or "You will love..."

Being romantics by nature, we believe in love at first sight.  That moment when you first see someone and everything else becomes background.....and then the rest is easy.

As with love though, there are no set rules or methods for finding what you seek.  The only advice that I would give would be to travel with an open heart and open eyes (maybe an old station wagon) and remember, there is always room for more.


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