Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hope springs eternal!  Thank God!  I suppose we do okay in the rain and the grey, but we really LOVE the sun.  Everything seems possible on a sunny day, and to feel the warmth come from outside our wool or down layers is an annual call for celebration.  In the winter months we hibernate and withdraw into the innermost parts of our home.  Spring allows for an unfolding and a stretching of our limbs and a dramatic increase in our living spaces.

With warmth and hope comes inspiration and from there creation.  Someone said gardening represents a belief in the future.   I believe that.  

When we built this we had great optimism and I had a better back.  As I look back on this picture, I realize we didn't see what the picture shows. We saw this...

Spring is that magical time when we see past what is to what will be.
Projects that may seem daunting any other time of year, become perfectly reasonable in the springtime.    It is when I feel most hopeful and the most engaged or intertwined with the natural order of things.  All we have to do is plant the seed.  In the summer we have to do some watering, but in the spring that is it-

                                    Just plant the seed or the plant and let nature do the work.

It really is magic.

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