Thursday, October 15, 2015

Such an important documentary!   A great reminder of conscious living....the power we all hold both individually and as a group in creating a beautiful life and future.

Ethos: A Time for Change 

Ethos: A Time for Change Video

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spring and Summer Abundance!

As we've said before ...We are minimalists...we just like a LOT of it!  Our house and garden are forever in flux.  Moving things around, trading things out or just cramming more stuff together. Whatever the case .....we recently were featured in our local West Sound Home and Garden Magazine so I decided to add a few updated photos to the mix. Thank you again to Peg Tillery and Dee Cappola for all that you do!  You are both a joy!

                                                                 North side of the house

The steel and concrete wisteria arbor is part of our "build it once" design....lots of rebar, cinder blocks, salvaged steel beams, pipe and trusses.  It definitely is a match for the strength of the wisteria.

Our late dear friend made us these leaded glass windows as a crazy generous house warming gift.    A beautiful reminder of him each time we look out. 

The bench and chairs we had made by a local welder twenty plus years ago for our coffee shop in Poulsbo.   The table was found at the metal scrap yard.  We just added the paint! 

                                                                        The Garden Gate

The back entrance

The steel mid-century furniture was found at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store....cushions came later,

                                                            Lower entry garden

   My Gunnera pot!  It never did well for us until we put it in a pot and shaded the roots with              ground-cover.  Not sure why.... but now it's doing great!

These steel urns were found at Children's Orthopedic Thrift store.  They are finally looking full!  

View from the front yard

90% of our garden furniture was found at St. Vinnie's.  Other than a couple wooden Adirondack chairs everything else is steel and will last forever. 
Love all the textures in shade gardening

Front yard
Just finished adding a new path in the front yard.  Our  Shih Tzu "Guard Dog" 

Our house is stucco so we planted Boston Ivy on it years ago.  Last year we were planning to take it off so we could repaint.  Late in the Summer we came out the front door and the entire house was vibrating with thousands of honey bees.  With the shortage of honeybees in the world we decided we'd better leave it for now.  Apparently the nectar from the ivy is high in sugar and keeps them through the winter.

Eric made these huge concrete balls years ago and covered them in glass.  They make for some cool garden art but not so easy to move.